Fall Colors 2

I think I’m obsessed with color. I’ve been seeing more and more vivid contrasts everywhere I go. These three were taken on the Soos Creek Trail during my latest ride.

Layers of Color

Reflections in a Lake

Wood Ducks (ehem… NOT Wood Ducks. Hooded Mergansers. Thanks, Monk!)


5 thoughts on “Fall Colors 2

  1. Gorgeous shots! I don’t know if you were testing us or not but the Wood Ducks are actually Hooded Mergansers. You are now eligible to make one spelling or punctuation correction on my comments. πŸ˜‰

      • You’re welcome. Since you have a Sibley, I put you a more than a casual birder. Glad to hear that you got a lifer! πŸ˜‰

      • It’s a lame life-list. I just check birds off in the Sibley. I don’t have detailed records or anything, but it’s fun. I was really into it for a while, and have a sweet pair of birding binoculars and everything. But in the end, other things are just more fun.

        I once stopped at this isolated cemetery outside Cleveland to bird watch on a cross-country trip. The only reason we went there was for the birding. Didn’t see any birds, but it was a beautiful old cemetery and a really cool memory :).

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