Winter Waters and Wilds

I spent the day in wet or icy or misty places, taking winter pictures. An old friend who is an avid photographer just emailed me a link to her beautiful photos, and it was both inspirational and intimidating! I was excited to get out and learn more today, even if my results were not as professional as hers. So without further ado: winter watery stuff.

Icy Leaf

Winter Landscape (with Snowberry madness!)

Dewy Snowberry

Butterfly Bush 1

Butterfly Bush 2



Reflections in a Pond

Misty Sunset 1

Misty Sunset 2





2 thoughts on “Winter Waters and Wilds

    • Thanks, Dawn! I’ve never done water photos so deliberately, and it was a challenge to figure out how to get what I wanted. I took about a thousand, but I think I got it!

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