Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Showing off the Sad Bunny Snowman

Snowy Backyard

Snowy Porch

Snowy Branch

Sunset Street 1

Sunset Street 2

Sunset Branches 1

Sunset Branches 2

Small Hawk with Fresh Kill (Cooper’s? Sharp-Shinned? Too hard to tell)





2 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Shoot it while you can. If it’s like our first measurable snow, it won’t last long. Most of ours melted today. Nice shot of the hawk! Wish I could help with the id, but I’m terrible with raptors. 😦

    • Monk, we’re due for more tomorrow and the next day! I was supposed to take my car in for repair tomorrow. Ah well, snow’s worth it, I suppose.

      I can’t id raptors either. This guy was TINY. There was a huge commotion under a tree and lots of squeaking and shrieking. I thought, from the size of the noise-makers, that it was a squirrel fight. Got close enough to take this picture, then the bird flew off with his now-dead prey. It was nearly as big as he was! And I think the prey is a junco or a starling. Not a big raptor, so probably a sharp-shinned hawk. They’re about 11″, according to the Sibley.

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