Still playing with my new camera. I have to say, I was incredibly pleased with the Panasonic 20mm lens today. I did portraits in low light. I did close-ups at dusk. I did landscapes. The results, I think, will speak for themselves.

I also tried out the stock Olympus 14-42mm zoom. Meh. It wasn’t different enough, in terms of the scope, to seduce me away from the Panny 20mm. Nor were the pictures all that great. And really… 42mm isn’t really zooming in on anything. I think I’ll sell it on Craigslist soon, and get a good, real zoom lens that actually zooms. I’m thinking to 200mm. That, and a macro attachment, would make this camera near-perfect right now.

Chalky Explosion

Bolts of Fake Fur

No Running

No Swimming

No Diving

Boat 1

Boat 2

Dock (again)

Ripples and Rocks

New Shoots

Awaiting His Buddy

Cookie Monsters 1

Cookie Monsters 2

So what’s the verdict? I think they’re much more compelling and beautiful, and yes, I’ve photographed that lake before.


2 thoughts on “Explorations

  1. I agree! Even my untrained eyes can see a difference. I’m curious though. Do you find you need less of photoshop’s “magic” to get these results?

    • Monk, I do find that. I’m not trying as hard to fix overly dark spots or overly bright spots. RAW is much easier to play with, as well. It’s more tempting to try interesting effects than it is in regular photoshop. I haven’t committed to any interesting effects yet, but they’re there.

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