Animals and Sunsets

Today my students did service work at a local animal shelter. I was “staff photographer” for the day. I used both the Panasonic 20mm, and the stock zoom, which out-performed my low expectations when used in very bright sunlight (where the Panasonic 20mm lens did not do as well). Then I took some sunset photos on the way home.

Sweet Kitty, Ready to be Adopted (Panasonic 20mm)

Wee Blind Pony, a Rescue from an Abusive Home (Panasonic 20mm)

One of the Shelter’s Many Roosters (Panasonic 20mm)

Chickens and Roosters (Olympus 14-42mm)

Barn Kitty (Olympus 14-42mm)

Donkey (Panasonic 20mm)

Turkey (Olympus 14-42mm)

Geese (Olympus 14-42mm)

Sunset 1 (Panasonic 20mm)

Sunset 2 (Panasonic 20mm)

Sunset 3 (Panasonic 20mm)


2 thoughts on “Animals and Sunsets

  1. If you stare at these first two waterscapes (might be a pun there) you’ll swear the water’s moving, a seeming cinemagraph but more arresting because it’s a still. No, I’m not getting into still waters; that’s for another day. So, in a million words or less, I’m just saying these pix are nice to look at.

    • Thanks Jim! I think it’s my lens, honestly. I took pictures with the other lens and the water didn’t look like that. This thing is astonishing, and yes, I know exactly what you mean.

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