Compelling Reasons…

…To Look Up

…To Bury Telephone Wires

…To Live in Million-Dollar Neighborhoods

…To Watch the Sunset

…To Admire the Moon’s Light

…To Love my Cat

…To Love my Cat EVEN MORE


2 thoughts on “Compelling Reasons…

  1. So many interesting pix, both from a lighting perspective and subject and framing perspective, that I cannot single out best, etc.. Impressed with the night shot of the urban moon for its rendering of night detail without glare of lights; just a clean, pretty shot. And like the shots of the cats and of you in the hallway with your camera bag. Impressed overall with the lighting of these pix-really draws you in-kind of like 3-D really. And enjoyed your discussion of how you came to pick the E-2, an educational primer for yours truly. I have to think about these pix more and maybe that’s good. Thanks! Jim

    • Wow, thanks, Jim! It’s so funny to me to be posting photos. I was an art major in college, but I stank at composition. As I’ve gotten into this, I think all the training with the bikes was really useful. Bikes don’t have bad hair days. Every angle is good for them. So over time, I learned to look around the bike to see what was surrounding it. I found out which pictures worked for others, and which didn’t. I don’t know… I seem to be getting it slowly, somehow. The lighting thing is much better with RAW. I also have a “look” I like. It’s funny to look at the photos of one of my friends, who is also doing a 365-Project, and who has been a professional photographer for years, and her photos are gorgeous… and look nothing like mine. So it’s an evolution I’m slowly exploring.

      Taking at least a photo a day has changed everything for me, too. It’s forced me to see beauty or things of compositional interest in things I would have ignored before. It’s a great exercise, and I encourage everyone to try it!

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