Thoughts on the iPhone Camera and All Those Filters…

So, as I moved into a new business venture, I developed a need for a phone that I could use overseas. The iPhone, ubiquitous as it is, ended up being the best value for the money. Having never owned an iPhone, I’m totally enamored. Oh, what it can do! There really IS an app for that!

And of course, the camera is an interesting little beast. On the one hand, I’ve never owned a phone that took photos like this.

I mean… seriously. That’s a heck of a photo for a PHONE. I know, I know, this is not news to the rest of the universe. And I’ve seen iPhone photos before. But they tend to be quirky and overly-filtered (we’re getting to that). I didn’t know I could capture this with it:

Is it crystal-clear? Well, no. But it is a really great shot… for a PHONE.

Anyway, then there’s those pesky filters, which I must admit I enjoy as much as the next person. They are fun, after all, to play with. Last night I downloaded four free phone apps, and played with them thusly:


They are: CamWow, Pixlromatic, Vintage Cam and PhotoToaster (for which I will admit I paid $.99, so it wasn’t free).

I had a great time with them. And I think the first one is hysterical. I also like myself in number 3, with the rainbow effect. The others don’t do all that much for me, but they’re more fun than if they didn’t exist, if you see my point.

Yes, I also have Instagram, which was used on the first two photos above of the trees and my son.

In short, I like my phone. The camera is a cool toy. Will it replace the Olympus EP-2? Uh, no. Because the EP-2 takes shots like this:

There is a difference. What it is, I’m not sure, but there’s a quality of light that only a “real” camera can capture.

So iPhone, I love you. Your camera is cool, and it takes great photos that I can post instantly to my blog(s), send to friends, or put on Facebook with the touch of a button. You’re amazing. But you’re still… a phone. At some point in the future, I can feel this post becoming obsolete, but we aren’t there yet.


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