Retreat Photos Part 1: iPhone pics

Last week we spent three days with the juniors out in the San Juan Islands, at Lakedale Resort and around Friday Harbor. It was beautiful, though we didn’t have much sun after day one. I took tons of photos, despite being sick as a dog the whole time. Here’s the first batch, which are all iPhone photos edited with my absolute favorite iPhone photo app: Phototoaster (not a “free app, but just a buck or so and it is AMAZING what you can do with it). Here’s the series:









6 thoughts on “Retreat Photos Part 1: iPhone pics

  1. Yeah, isn’t’ the iPhone 4s and the available apps amazing? I’ve got Instagram, Awesomize, Camera+ and DMD for panoramic shots.Even my pictures look good and the always available feature has my Nikon DLSR not feeling the love! Jim Duncan

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