Rhododendron Species Garden Visit

For a while I’ve been meaning to head out to this garden and take some photos, particularly of the “meadow” of Himalayan Blue Poppies. You can see for yourself how “meadow”-y this space turned out to be, but it was a lovely day even without the vast slope of space I was anticipating.

There are so many of these that only some of them will be full size. I’ll try to be reasonably artistic in my arrangements…

And I have no idea what at least half of these are called. You’ll know the blue poppies when we get there, trust me.






















9 thoughts on “Rhododendron Species Garden Visit

  1. I’m not sure which is more impressive, your eye for the shot or your camera for capturing it. Either way, it’s a great combo!

    • Wow thanks! I love that camera, but the funny thing is that I had 4 years in art school and never developed an “eye” for composition. Frankly, I stank at it. Somehow, in the intervening years, in addition to all the other wisdom I’ve gained, I seem to have found my “eye” at last. No idea how/when that happened!

  2. Wow, I’m staggered by the beauty of these flowers as you’ve shot them. Glorious! I’ve never seen a blue Poppy before-heavenly, as are the irises; some of these pix are fairly transporting. What sweet payback for your spring/winter rains suffering. What an upper! Thanks.

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